Portrait Photography

Portrait photography holds a special place in my heart. There is an internal wonder and curiosity you can feel when looking into the eyes of a portrait photo’s subject. Be it a one day old infant or a 90 year old. The energy of a subject’s life force can simply leap of the screen or canvas when photographed with that in mind. I often find myself looking at portraits of strangers from this century and the past with equal enthusiasm and curiosity. Creating my own narrative and trying to deduce their character from details intentionally placed in the frame.

Portraits can serve any number of purposes: from professional head shots in your social media presence to becoming the center pieces on your home’s walls. Please take a moment to look at my portraits gallery. Do you have a question? Have you had a good experience being photographed by me? Please consider leaving a comment below.

Here are some basic assumptions for my portrait photography services:

  • Relaxed, casual fun shooting experience. Special requests are welcomed.
  • Your choice of outdoors and/or studio shooting environment.
  • You always keep all the pictures from the session.
  • I will gladly help you with posing, make up or clothing at your request.
  • Quick turnaround times for edited photographs.
  • I am experienced in photographing infants, toddlers, children and pets. Does your little one get fussy? No problem.
  • Single and multiple location rates.