Greetings! My name is Boris Vladimirovich Kovalevsky. I was born in Kharkov, Ukraine in 1980. Throughout my lifetime I have lived in Kharkov, Israel and the United States. Currently I reside in Farmington, Connecticut with my wife Anastasiya and two children Isabella and Jackson. My education is a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science from Eastern Connecticut State University.

Documenting my family is what got me into photography and is still my most loved subject. Perhaps the biggest lesson I have learned is that children (both little and big) are brutally honest and will tell you what they think or feel (their truth if you will). It is therefore, in your best interest to make it fun for them to get good pictures.

This being the reason for the name Veritas Photography: it is a search for truth. What is my truth you might ask? Whenever I shoot an assignment or a personal project I always ask myself was I able to produce truth: did I create something real that will make people feel what had happened in the shot. Can I convey the love, anxiety, humor or awe?

Truth is a tricky thing:

Boris Kovalevsky. portrait, family and wedding photographer in the Hreater Hartford area.

Boris Kovalevsky. portrait, family and wedding photographer in Hartford County.

it is a principle I strive to adhere to when facing a challenge, it is what I must preserve when I manipulate the image. Truth is also technical: did I properly expose and compose the photograph, is it sharp, is it well lit? Truth is in all of us and deep inside we know if we failed or succeeded in the task we set out to do. In the world that tells us that truth has fifty shades of gray I submit it is black and white. Some of us just choose to forget it. Shakespeare said it best: “This above all: to thine own self be true…”. That is how I shoot and live, I look for the truth and navigate by it.

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